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Garda is one of the most attractive town on the coast of the largest italian lake, which gave his name because of its importance in medieval times.
The town lies at the heart of a splendid bay, is surrounded by a morainic amphitheater bordered on the south by the Rocca and north from Mount Luppia, called Sengia in local dialect, which forms its western offshoot of a peninsula where is the lovely Punta St. Vigilio.
The Rocca is a uniquely shaped promontory about 300 meters above lake level, a strategic point that formerly housed an important castle, where you can find the remains brought to light by recent excavations. Today is primarily a destination for its extraordinary panoramic view over the lake.
The historic center of Garda is a jewel of lanes and dotted with bars and local shops. Is built around the main square and the harbor that still hosts the most active fishing community on the lake.
The beautiful lakeside village ends of both north and south with two pebble beaches that are popular in summer, many swimmers enjoy the clear waters of the lake, cool off and sunbathe in the sun.
The country offers interesting works of art, villas and historic buildings. The geographic position makes it an ideal base for exploring not only the lake but the whole region being a few tens of minutes drive from the city of Verona, the Valpolicella, and by the Monte Baldo.

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