Una nuova Cucina

Su di noi (in pillole)


The word "cucina" in italian is both referring to the place where cooking take place, the kitchen  and to the act of cooking in a broad sense the "cuisine".

So we have a new "cucina" and we are referring to the place, the walls, the floors and the equipment.

We have renovated the kitchen, from top to bottom. It is a project that has been on paper for many years, ten at least. Last year the right conditions were there to make it happen and we threw ourselves into this complex work which saw us intervene with completely new engineering in a space - the original kitchen - located in the heart of the hotel, straddling the historic building between stone walls and many existing systems to be left intact, little room for maneuver and tight deadlines to respect.

Our desire was, from the beginning, not only to replace the equipment but also to use modern technical solutions to improve working conditions, reduce consumption and improve efficiency while creating an aesthetically beautiful environment.

Given this premise, the choice of supplier fell on De Manincor of Trento, excellence in custom-made professional kitchens, known throughout the world for the quality and beauty of its products.

De Manincor has designed and built a fully integrated cooking, storage and air treatment system, adapting perfectly to our spaces and to the requests of our chef. We have chosen to abandon gas by creating an entirely electric hob (induction) which guarantees energy efficiency combined with high comfort (less heat and no burnt gas in the room). No less important is the fact that we can use renewable electricity which significantly reduces our company's carbon footprint.

The refrigeration system has also been completely redesigned by adopting a centralized system positioned outside. This choice, although it implies a more complex plant engineering, guarantees us the total absence of heat dissipated by the refrigerators in the kitchen, more space for storage, better energy efficiency, better refrigeration performance and greater reliability and maintainability.

We thank all the partners who contributed to the realization of this project on schedule:

De Manincor - Professional kitchens
Cibin - Refrigeration
Vortex - Aspiration systems
Elettrotermica Dall'Ora - Electrical systems
Comet Studio Luce and Novalux - Lighting technology
Luigi Lavezzari - Plumbing systems
Errepi build srl - Construction works
Isolart - Plasterboard
Mombrini - Industrial floors and coverings


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