Antistress Massage ♥
Relaxing and decontracting massage. Ideal to relieve tension and stress, it improves blood and lymphatic circulation giving a deep sensation of relaxation and well-being to the whole body.
50 minutes  |  60 €
50 minutes and 4 hands  |  110 € 

Lymphatic Drainage
Reactivates circulation of the lymphatic fluid, the main system of toxin elimination in our body. Its draining effect reduces water retention, swelling and cellulite.
25 minutes  |  40 €
50 minutes   60 €

Sport Massage ♥
Anti-fatigue and decontracting, it relieves tension and muscular pain. 
50 minutes  |  60 €

Plantar Reflexology Massage
Balances the energetic functions of the organs through reflex zones of energy meridians located under the foot; rebalancing and relaxing the whole system.
25 minutes  |  40 €
50 minutes  |  60 €

Shiatsu Massage
An ancient Japanese tradition, it balances the flow of energy along the body’s meridians thanks to micro-massages and acupressure. Promotes relaxation.
50 minutes  |  60 €

Massaggio Ayurveda Abhyanga ♥
From the Ayurvedic tradition, a relaxing massage that focuses on doshas, relieving anxiety and stress through light touches and oleations.
50 minutes   60 €
50 minutes and 4 hands  |  110 € 

Pinda Sweda Treatment
From Thai tradition, light pressures with bundles of officinal herbs. Release contractures and joint stiffness, restores circulation, improves oxygenation resulting in a more toned, elastic and luminous skin.
25 minutes  |  40 €
50 minutes  |  60 €

Hammam Treatment
Ancient ritual of purification, exfoliation and body cleansing through steam, Savon noir, Rassoul clay and pure Argan oil. It eliminates toxins and dead cells, reactivates the circulation, regenerates and remineralizes the epidermis. Executed on a heated water bed.
80 minutes  |  90 €
80 minutes and 4 hands   160 € 

Sea Salt and Argan Oil Body Cleansing
Deep brushing treatment that combines the purifying effect of sea salt and the nutrient qualities ​​of Argan oil. For a soft skin free from impurities and toxins.
25 minutes  |  40 €

Vacuum Cups Treatment
Draining, detoxifying, vascularizing treatment. Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, it harmonizes and rebalances the physical and psycho-energetic systems of the person by the rhythmic suction of glass vacuum cups, aromacosmesis products and manual massages.
50 minutes  |  70 €
50 minutes and 4 hands |  130 € 

Tecar Aesthetic Treatment
Thanks to an innovative instrument capable of transferring bio-compatible energy to tissues by radiofrequency stimulation, this treatment activates the natural mechanisms of self-regeneration of tissues and muscles. Indicated as decontracting, anti-cellulite, anti-aging.
25 minutes  |  45 €
50 minutes  |  70 €

Algo Cosmesis
Draining and detoxifying compress of mud mix of clay, algae and essential oils. Nourishes the skin deeply and remineralizes the tissues. Executed on a heated water bed.
50 minutes   50 €

Face Cleansing
Deeply purifies the skin, eliminating impurities and dead cells. Restores brightness to the face.
50 minutes  |  50 €

Face, Neck and Cleavage Massage
Toning and anti-age massage Revitalizing. 
25 minutes  |  40 €

Face, Neck and Cleavage Treatment
Personalized treatment based on skin conditions, alternates cleansing, massages and compresses with essential oils mixed at the moment. Choose between: Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Couperose, Purifying, Revitalizing. 
50 minutes  |  60 €

Face Cleansing + Face, Neck and Cleavage Treatment
80 minutes  |  90 €

Manicure e Pedicure
Aesthetic treatment for the care of your hands and feet with the use of specific products.
variabile duration   from 30 to 40 €

Hypoallergenic titanium waxing. Includes a moisturizing, emollient balm for a soft and light skin.
variable duration  |  from 5 to 50 €

Latest generation MegaSun tanning bed with AquaCool and MP3 sound-box for a relaxing, homogeneous and natural tan.
10 minutes  |  10 € + 1 € each additional minute

Private Steam Bath
An exclusive private steam bath lit by natural light.
50 minutes  |  20 € for one, 30 € for two


  alvailable also as couple massage 



Specific highly personalized beauty treatments with visible and immediate results.

Biologique Recherche is a French research laboratory that combines original and rigorous protocols, using pure, almost raw active ingredients with an absolutely extraordinary and innovative methodology.

Face Treatments
The basic treatment includes deep cleansing, a specific lotion, the application of a mask and a cream.
25 minutes  |  60 

In addition to the basic treatment, a specific booster with a high concentration of active ingredients is applied.
50 minutes  |  110 

In addition to the basic treatment, a specific booster with a high concentration of active ingredients and a co-factor mask are applied.
1 hour and 20 minutes  |  160 

In addition to the basic treatment, two specific boosters with a high concentration of active ingredients and a co-factor mask are applied.
1 hour and 20 minutes  |  200 

Second Peau Treatments
Super-booster lifting and anti-aging specific treatment using high concentration of hyaluronic acid products.
50 minuti  |  200 


customizable based on special needs and the lenght of the stay


3 Face, Neck and Cleavage Treatments: 
Exfoliating and reoxygenating with Fig Seeds Oil, 50 minutes 
Antiokidant with Pure C vitamin, 50 minutes 
Super moisturizing and invigorating with hyaluronic acid, 50 minutes 
155 €

Draining - Anticellulite
1 Sea Salt and Argan Oil Body Cleansing, 25 minutes
1 Vacuum Cups Treatment, 50 minutes
1 Lymphatic Drainage, 50 minutes
1 Draining compress, 50 minutes
190 €

Sport - Anti-fatigue
1 Steam Bath + Anti-fatigue compress, 50 minutes 
2 Sport Massages, 50 minutes each
155 €

Romantic for a couple
Private steam Bath
Peeling on heated water bed 
Couple massage
Spumante sparkling wine and fresh fruit in your room
 120 minutes circa | 180 € for two

1 Vacuum Cups body Treatment, 50 minutes 
1 Face, Neck and Cleavage Treatment, 50 minutes 
1 Hammam Treatment, 80 minutes 
190 €

1 Face Cleansing, 50 minutes 
1 Manicure
1 Pedicure
1 Depilation
130 €

1 Gentle Peeling with Argan Oil, 25 minutes 
1 Relaxing Massage with Almond Oil, 50 minutes 
1 Draining Compress, 50 minutes 
130 €

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