In the first version of this year's autumn menu we play a bit with our beloved vegetables, from the red turnip marinated like a Bresaola to the ragù made only of roots, from the seafood-style cauliflower to the endive tatin... But not only that, salted lemon curd, stuffed rigatoni, carp 'nduja... yes, you read that right!
And then the Pandolio... pandoro? Baba ? You will decide.... If you are curious, all you have to do is come and try.

In short, fun and taste at your table... as usual, letting you appreciate the best local ingredients

Andrea Costantini, executive chef 




the tasting menus are suggested for the whole table

memories and research... our identity in the making

Lemon curd with miso and caviar
Carrot, raspberry, sea urchin and osmanthus
Stuffed rigatoni, pistachio cream and summer preserves
“Risina” bean with cacio cheese and pepper, cod tripe ragout
Eel & 'Nduja
Jerusalem artichoke Rossini
Like a peach with red wine…. Mascarpone with herbs
Belgian bread pudding, passion fruit, suzette sauce

115 euro
short selection of 5 dishes - 90 euro


Garda 100%
the excellence of territory in our own way

Gardalake “Oyster”
Charcuterie Gardesana style
Carp ‘Nduja
Milk tortelli, smoked char and hibiscus
Pike “alla Gardesana”
Grisa “pot au feu” and grilled Lake sardine
Chantilly of “Garda d’alpeggio”, potatoes and truffles
Lemon "Pandolio"

115 euro

short selection of 5 dishes - 90 euro


vegetables as protagonist

Bresaola, rocket, mushrooms, walnuts and parmesan
Sweet-strong cardoncello mushroom
Tagliatelle with “ragout"
Vichyssoise risotto, black lemon and vanilla
Cauliflower marinara style
Pumpkin “Bigarade”
Tomato saffron sandwich
Endive tatin, nocino zabaglione

100 Euro
short selection of 5 dishes - 85 euro



dishes on choice from the tasting menus

Two dishes and a dessert 80
Three dishes and a dessert 100



4 glasses    60
6 glasses   80




On special requests gourmet proposals dedicated to celiac and intolerant

Under 35 Special Offer

This Autumn as well, we invite all young people under 35 to discover the contemporary cuisine by Andrea Costantini and to spend a night worth remembering at Regio Patio Restaurant:
4-course Selfportrait menu
€ 70 per person, cover included
Upon reservation only, limited availability




 The cellar and the wine list of the Regina Adelaide are the result of many years of care and attention of the hotel manager Stefano Barbieri and certainly represent one of the flagships of our offer. If you want to have fun exploring it or simply choose the bottle for the next dinner at the Regio Patio, today you can do it comfortably even from home:


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