Biologique Recherche, much more than a cosmetic partner

su di noi (in pillole)!

новые косметические препараты

As many of you already know, 2020 is a year of great news related to wellness for Regina Adelaide.

In autumn, the works of the new SPA began: 400 square meters dedicated to water with calidarium-frigidarium tubs, whirlpool and heated swimming pool, there is also a Mediterranean sauna in olive wood, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, and intimate relaxation areas in Regina Adelaide style, designed together with  Starpool, a leading company in the design and construction of wellness areas for hotels.

The Treatments & Beauty offer, which movved to the bright spaces on the 1° floor, also sees the entry of a new important cosmetic partner: from September you are also  able to experience the exclusiveBiologique Recherche treatments and products, much loved by celebs such as Madonna, Kate. Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue, Cate Blanchett, Kim Kardashian and present in the most luxurious hotels in the world.

The skin is one of the most dynamic and vital organs in our body. It changes several times during the day based on our physical and emotional state and is renewed 9000 times in a lifetime. For Biologique Recherche, therefore, each treatment must be practiced according to the precise "instant of the skin", according to 3 phases:

1° - dermo-cosmetic evaluation and diagnosis, aimed at identifying the real needs of the skin 

2° - initialization through cleansing and rebalancing of the epidermis, useful for activating and strengthening its receptive capacities 

3° - treatment through the application of vegetable, biomarine and / or biotechnological serums and creams, to promote a natural self-regeneration of the skin thanks to active ingredients in high dosage. 

To give a timely response to every type of need, Biologique Recherche offers a very wide product range, which uses cold working as much as possible to respect the original structure of the active ingredients and does not use synthetic fragrances to preserve the integrity of the formulas.

The methodological complexity of Biologique Recherche requires great skills on the part of the operators in carrying out the treatments. The company takes care to evaluate the facilities for a long time before becoming a partner and, subsequently, to train the staff on treatments. The partnership thus becomes a mutual guarantee of reliability and quality.


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