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All year round

The territory of Garda and Costermano gives hiking and walking enthusiasts great emotions: extraordinary landscapes, routes for all levels and a particularly mild climate that allows you to walk in every season.

Consulting this web site:


you will find GPS tracks and itineraries (also to be printed) of the main trekking and mountain-bike routes in the area.

Difficulty levels are also reported:

  • suitable for everyone, beginners and families with children
  • suitable for those who are regularly trained and are dedicated to bike-trekking at an amateur level
  • suitable for experienced and professional people who do bike-trekking at a sporting and / or competitive level


The routes wind through inlets, stretches along the lake, panoramic points with spectacular views of the Garda; your eyes will be filled with unforgettable colors, like the deep green of the olive trees and the brilliant blue of the lake.

Walking, you will be able to admire ancient rupestrian engravings of the Iron Age (“San Vigilio-Sengie” route), enter the valley of the Mills once operated by the waters of the Gusa-Tesina stream (“Valle dei Mulini” route), cross olive trees and vineyards (route "Giro dei Vigneti"), reach the Rocca di Garda from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the entire lake ("Rocca Vecchia" Route).

The Garda, in fact, in addition to historical villages, castles and palaces of unquestionable charm, offers shores, hills, woods and mountains where the nature is imposing and almost untouched. Outdoor sports enthusiasts will be enthralled.

Our climate, exceptionally mild for the northern regions, favors a Mediterranean type vegetation, with cypresses, vineyards, olive trees, citrus fruits, oleanders and agaves and, higher up on Mount Baldo (defined as "Hortus Europae"), a flora rich in rare endemic species; if you want to know them, we suggest a visit to the Botanical Garden of Novezzina: Orto Botanico di Novezzina

At 1700 meters, we find mountain forests of conifers, with larch, silver fir, spruce, mountain pine, rhododendron and mountain flowers; between 1500 and 600 meters, broad-leaved woods, with beech, maple, hornbeam, ash, hazel, sorb and pear trees; below 600 meters, we find a thermophilic vegetation (ie typical of temperate environments) and agricultural cultivations, such as artemisia, laurel, yew, agave, cypress, holm oak, citrus fruits, grapevine, olive trees and cereals. On the lakesides, finally, you will find rare strips of reeds, particularly in the San Vigilio area.


Nordic Walking Parc at Brenzone sul Garda


About a 20-minute drive from the hotel, you can reach the first park on Lake Garda recognized by the Italian Nordic Walking School. The paths develop between hills, the beach and small villages overlooking the lake. There are four rings: two easy ones of 4 km and two of medium difficulty, of 6 and 7 km. There is also a 18 km route, with 550 meters in altitude. For more information and maps, we suggest you visit the tourist office IAT at the Porto di Brenzone district (in summer) or visit the website.


Nuovo Ponte Tibetano a Torri del Benaco

(press HERE for the position)

Recently opened (in August 2019), it connects the towns of Crero and Pai, of the nearby municipality of Torri del Benaco. It is 34 meters long and 1.5 meters wide; it is suspended at a height of 54 meters. From the steel walkway you can enjoy an incredible view of the lake. To visit it you can arrive by car at Crero and then continue on foot in a northerly direction along the Cai 39 path, or, coming from Pai, take the Cai 38 path, on the "Via per la casetta" path. Trekking shoes are recommended.



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