Andrea Costantini, executive chef 



the tasting menus are suggested for the whole table

Selfportrait memories and research… our identity in the making

Cauliflower, sea urchin butter, apricot and osmanthus flowers
Giant sheep tartare “Provence style”
Tagliatelle with butter of grilled sardine, mixed salads and herbs cooked with porchetta
Malt ravioli, potato and “toma del piz” glazed with fig and truffle most
Caramelized eel, spicy herbs, tomato molasses, bread and butter
Fillet with green pepper
Apple and elderberry cider, mascarpone and curry
Fruit pot-pourri with cognac, rhubarb and caramelized chocolate

110 euro

Garda 100% ..the excellence of territory in our own way

Lake “Oyster”
Bread, butter and bass
Milk Tortelli, smoked whitefish and hibiscus
“Pastisada” of tench
Salmon trout in civet of red berries, mushrooms, hazelnuts and herb butter
Grilled Grisa, sweet and sour lettuce and béarnaise
Pear “misso” and Garda d’alpeggio cheese
Rivoli Marble

110 euro

Orto ..vegetables as protagonist

Celeriac carpaccio, pickled giardiniera salad
Creamy Vezzena cheese, chanterelles mushrooms with maple and rum, apricot extract
Summer preserved Spaghetti
White risotto, oil, olive, caper, marjoram and lemon
Pancotto with Cacio cheese, pepper and chicory, grilled bell pepper sauce
Braised topinambur with sherry and black garlic
Endive, pistachio, white chocolate, grapefruit and chamomile
Caramelized fig, stracchino cream, raw sugar puff pastry, hot liquorice infusion

95 euro


dishes on choice from the tasting menus

Two dishes and a dessert 75
Three dishes and a dessert 95

Garda Lake Ramen 24

Selection of cheeses by Giuseppe Bernardinelli 22
small portion 18


selection of wines, beer and cocktails paired to the menu
4 glasses 45
6 glasses 70



Cover,homemade bread and friandises 5,00 € p.p.

Upon request, the Chef can propose dishes for vegetarians, celiac or intolerant.



Wine list

The wine cellar and the wine list of the Regina Adelaide are the result of many years of care and dedicaton by Stefano Barbieri and certainly represent one of the flagships of our offer. If you want to have fun exploring it or simply choosing the bottle for the next dinner at the Regio Patio, today you can do it comfortably from home:



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