2024 brings a little revolution for our cuisine.

We have decided to focus our studying on the themes that we are most passionate about and that make us stand out: the area and the vegetarian.

Starting this season, Regio Patio focuses entirely on vegetarian and local Garda contemporary cuisine.

You can choose between two tasting menus: “Garda 100%” and “Orto” in the regular 8-course version and in the short 4-course one.

In the “Garda 100%” menu you’ll find the utmost expression of our modern local cuisine with all the seasonal water- and plant-based excellencies that the Garda territory has to offer.

The “Orto” menu, on the other hand, expresses the great passion for the vegetarian that has always characterized my cuisine. Raw materials are mostly homegrown in our vegetable garden and from local origin.

We’re waiting for you!

Executive Chef Andrea Costantini





the tasting menus are suggested for the whole table


Garda 100%
the excellence of territory in our own way

Perch with tomato sauce, capers and oregano
Iodized Brogna sheep
Cider risotto and pike head
Milk ravioli, smoked char and hibiscus
Tench “Pastisada”
“Pochée” Garronese beef with oil, green algae sauce
Lessinia saffron and gentian root
Lemon Pandolio

8 courses - 115 euros
4 courses - 80 euros


vegetables as protagonist

Apricot bruschetta, basil and osmanthus
Potato “croquelettes”, toasted roots, lemon and liquorice
“Risina” and peas, minty broth
Tagliolini pasta with butter from red fir tree sprouts, olive and juniper
Swiss chard and chicory pie, walnut miso sauce
Flamed leek, stewed spicy herbs and caramelized bread
Lettuce, honey, pollen, white chocolate and Garda olive oil
Celeriac Tatin, mint and chamomile

8 courses - 100 euros
4 courses - 70 euros



4 glasses   60 – 75 euros
6 glasses   80 – 120 euros



On special requests gourmet proposals dedicated to celiac and intolerant




 The cellar and the wine list of the Regina Adelaide are the result of many years of care and attention of the hotel manager Stefano Barbieri and certainly represent one of the flagships of our offer. If you want to have fun exploring it or simply choose the bottle for the next dinner at the Regio Patio, today you can do it comfortably even from home:


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