Andrea Costantini, executive chef 



the tasting menus are suggested for the whole table

memories and research... our identity in the making

Banana & caviar
Garronese beef tartare, scallop, caramelized beef broth and kombu
Fusilli noodles with hazelnuts' pesto, sea urchin, cauliflower, osmanthus
"Risina beans risotto", cacio e pepe, lamb ragout, artichokes and mint
Grilled oyster, strawberry gazpacho and Chorizo
Veal sweetbread, red fruits and chocolate sauce, black garlic, mint herbs
"Oxidized" pear with liquorice, gratinated cream
Like a peperoncino

110 euro


Garda 100%
the excellence of territory in our own way

Gardalake "Oyster"
Caviar "Risino"
Apple and black shallot, smoked char, lemon and burbon tortelli
Whitefish, brown butter, celery herbs
Tench "Pastisada"
Grisa "pot au feu"
Creamy Vezzena cheese, milk jam
"Muis" Gardesana style

110 euro


vegetables as protagonist

Asparagous, hazelnut, toasted chicory root
Cardoncello mushroom, maple and rum, cocoa herbs truffle tea
Almonds Cacio e Pepe spaghetto
Risotto "alla marinara"
Spring vegetables, milk and anise
Roasted carrot, cafè de Paris butter
Misticanza salad, white chocolate, wild fruits
Steamed meringa, cognac strawberry, vanilla and rhubarb

95 Euro



dishes on choice from the tasting menus

Two dishes and a dessert 75
Three dishes and a dessert 95

I formaggi affinati di Giuseppe Bernardinelli 22
porzione piccola 18



selections of wines, beer and cocktails paired to the menu
4 glasses    50
5 glasses    60

6 glasses   70



Cover, homemade bread and friandises  € 5

On special requests gourmet proposals dedicated to celiac and intolerant




 The cellar and the wine list of the Regina Adelaide are the result of many years of care and attention of the hotel manager Stefano Barbieri and certainly represent one of the flagships of our offer. If you want to have fun exploring it or simply choose the bottle for the next dinner at the Regio Patio, today you can do it comfortably even from home:


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