A safe vacation at time of Covid-19

Rules, prevention measures and information to know for your stay at Regina Adelaide

Autumn 2020

Updated on 8/10/2020

We are sure that the wide spaces available both inside and in the gardens will allow you to enjoy your holiday safely and with maximum freedom.

We present, on this page, the rules and prevention measures that are currently applied in our hotel.

These indications take into account the recommendations and regulations issued by the competent authorities currently in force. The regulations are constantly evolving and the restrictions may decrease or vary at the time of your stay. We strongly recommend that you double check this page near your arrival.

Presence of flu symptoms

Guests who show fever over 37.5 ° C or other flu symptoms will not be admitted to the hotel.
All guests who experience a fever over 37.5 ° C or other flu symptoms upon arrival or during their stay are required to notify us promptly. These guests must report their state of health to their doctor or health authorities independently or with the assistance of the hotel staff.

Use of the face mask

It is necessary to wear a protective mask while staying in the common areas inside the hotel and especially when moving around the corridors and in the areas where it is likely to meet other guests.
Wearing a mask is not required when you are at the bar, restaurant, in the living rooms and common areas and you are consuming food or drinks.

The mask is always mandatory even outside when you are not continuously isolated from non-cohabiting people. It is also necessary to always carry a mask or other respiratory protective device ready for use.

The use of the mask is not required during sports activities.

It is generally recommended to use the mask in any situation when you are less than one meter away from other people who are not part of your family.

The hotel makes available to guests who require it, washable double-layer cotton masks.

Social distancing

It is recommended, where possible, to keep the distance of at least one meter from people who are not part of your family.

Hand hygiene

It is recommended to frequently sanitize your hands by washing them with soap and water or with the alcoolic gels placed at the guests' disposal at the entrances and inside the structure.


Breakfast will be A la Carte and will be served at the table. All the products and dishes normally present on our buffet will be available. Since the self-service buffet mode is currently not allowed, we will serve at your table to ensure maximum comfort and safety.


Restaurants will function normally. The tables will be spaced so as to respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter. For tables of non-cohabiting guests, the interpersonal distances of one meter between the guests seats will be respected.

The service staff will wear a protection mask.


Outdoor swimming pool and pool bar (summer period)

The outdoor swimming pool will operate normally respecting the maximum number of guests allowed simultaneously in the water. The deck chairs and umbrellas will be spaced in compliance with current regulations. The deckchairs and towels will be assigned to guests by our staff.

The whirlpool will not be active as it is not allowed by the directives.

The service at the pool bar will operate normally respecting the distances between the tables.

The treatment of the swimming pool water for the maintenance of the correct chemical parameters is carried out continuously and automatically and monitored every two hours by our staff who also carry out periodic manual control analisys. Monthly chemical quality control of water quality are performed in an accredited laboratory.

Beauty center

The beauty center will function normally. Operators will wear the appropriate protections; guests may be asked to wear the mask depending on the treatment performed.

SPA and indoor swimming pool

The sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool and heated indoor swimming pool services will remain closed for safety reasons in compliance with the directives.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms

Our rooms are subjected to a thorough cleaning as usual, followed by the sanitization of all surfaces with certified virucid disinfectants. At each guest departure a complete sanitization of the environment with ozone gas produced in situ by means of an automatic device, is also performed. Ozone gas is an agent with a biocidal action recognized by the health authorities (*) and widely used in various industries that leaves no chemical residues. The normal ambient conditions after the treatment are guaranteed by an ozone neutralization system integrated in the device.

All linen and towels are changed daily and washed at our internal laundry.

(* ISS COVID-19 report • n. 20/2020)



We wash all linen, towels and tablecloths only at our internal laundry. We use enzymatic detergents with a sanitizing action managed by an automatic dosing system and drying in a dryer and/or mangle ironing machine which guarantees complete sanitation thanks to the high temperatures.

Periodic control analysis of are performed trhough an accredited laboratory to verify the quality and effectiveness of our procedures.


For further information and questions you can write to us at


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